Do you believe in chakras and such nonsense? This is of course a joking question, because I am someone who believes in such things.

For me, my chakras are part of my basic ethereal equipment. Their very different qualities and quite palpable energies are for me a natural part of life as a human being on Gaia.

And it feels coherent for me when I then read what has been written about the heart chakra, for example. So I can really feel it in me, which has been passed down in the ancient texts for thousands of years, no matter from which continent.

The heart chakra stands for, among other things: Love, empathy and connection. These were the three words that seemed clearest to me and I wrote them down in a list as life values.

Then I looked at the next chakra and wrote down the next three terms, and so on. In this way, 21 life values were created that describe our chakra qualities well.

It felt coherent to me that if I experienced these life values internally, I would also notice a positive, perhaps even a kind of healingful-feeling effect on my seven inner energy centres.

I always feel good when I can live these values. Researchers say that this also has a very positive effect on our immune system. (Is it still allowed to use this word nowadays or already not?)

By the way, I am not “the one with the chakras and the values”. I am just a human who has learned to write in a new way. I write mainly about my personal experiences. I do not belong to any sect and do not want to found one.

I don’t own any copyright on these 21 life values, they are part of the basic equipment of a human being, our chakras. At least this view fits best with my personal world of experience.

We know about chakras and their properties for thousands of years. Everyone can learn to live these qualities. Some of these life values will be easier to fulfil in today’s world, others may take a few years to grow within us.

Hi, I’m Nils. I’m writing and learning 2D animation art.

On my pages I report about my artistic projects: LUNAS AWAKENING and LICHTWELTEN, in which these life values represent an important basis.

I hope you feel comfortable on my pages!

The 21 life values in detail

Basic needs. Security. Feeling cared for. Joy. Well-beingCreativity. Self-Worth. Independence. CourageLoveEmpathyConnectednessTruthHonesty. Communication. Wisdom. Imagination. IntuitionSoul plan. Unity consciousness. Being.

I see my personal basic needs as a human being in enough naturally pure organic vegetables, high-quality organic fats, organic seeds and nuts, organic wholemeal flour, clean water, internet and a warm roof over my head. Personally, at least, I manage well with that. If I can afford this “luxury”, I also feel secure inside, no matter how much money I earn. That is a good feeling. I then feel being cared for on Gaia.

When I can live my creativity to the full, it creates joy and a deep sense of well-being in me. Others may use their creativity to think about how they can create this sense of wellbeing and joy in their lives through their daily actions, thoughts and feelings. I feel good when these life values are fulfilled. Sexuality, by the way, also belongs to this second chakra, but everyone may see it as they wish.

Courage is part of feeling independent and discovering and living our own self-worth. It is our light, not our darkness, that we fear most. (This text is often attributed to Nelson Mandela, but it is by Marianne Williamsen, b. 1952, based on the teachings of A Course in Miracles).

Love, empathy and connectedness: to many, these appear to be our most important values, but they too always work best in harmony with all 21 life values together. All values support each other and carry the “feeling good” together.

When I am honest and true, I experience perfect communication. Then there is no ambiguity. Whereas we can only perceive truth in the form of different perspectives, the processing power of our brains is not good enough to perceive all truth perspectives at the same time. Yogis, shamans and some esoterics (sorry!) can still experience it on their inner journeys.

I have made the personal experience that whenever I follow my intuition that can be felt deep inside, it always leads me to insights that are beneficial for my personal development, i.e. to wisdom. We are also wise when we activate our inner imagination. Watching television causes it to atrophy. Visioning, daydreaming and travelling in the imagination, why don’t we actually learn such things in school?

We are here on Gaia to fulfil our soul plan. Not only do I believe in this, it also feels good when we recognise our inner development possibilities and also follow these with the help of our intuition and all of our other life values, step by step. On this level we can also discover the unity consciousness of the great We. When we go into our being, we can feel it within us.

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