A mindfulness, meditation, 21 life values and 7 chakras game for Android and Windows PC, with virtual smoothie blender and dozens of energetic and meditative exercises to follow.

Start your game and let it follow you in real time. As you move your character to the next mini-exercise, the app asks you if you were able to do yesterday’s daily task as suggested (or differently?). Not in the game, but in your life!

The exercises are focused on the 21 life values that have their origin in the seven chakras. The aim of the game: Make your “Kundalini windmills” shine, let your inner self shine…

The game is meant to encourage you to take time for yourself. Take the app as your companion on a journey through the 21 values of life, on a journey through your seven chakras, on a journey to yourself.

Many of the exercises come from a book I am currently writing: The book to the app, the app to the book.

Play = Fight?

When we think of games, there is usually always a clash. That’s what we’ve become accustomed to. For us, playing usually means we have an opponent against whom we play, anything else wouldn’t make any sense… Wouldn’t it?

Supply and demand: it’s what most people want and even buy. Right?

There are very few games that have other goals, that of growing, for example. Of course, there are simulations for every little thing. But which one deals with inner growth?

The point of the 21 Life Values Game is that you can grow along with the game character if you do the exercises. Not dogmatically, but the way you want it, the way that suits you best.

This game is a spiritual and energetic training game and I hope that it can help you to grow within. In our virtual game character, the chakras begin to glow over time, after they still appear quite grey at the beginning of the game.

The rough plan and the vision are in place. At the moment, I am learning a completely new open source game construction kit, including a new programming language. Here in the blog, I will report on the current state of development, problems encountered or progress made.

There will probably be an early beta version of the game for everyone to test… Because it’s my first Android GAME: How do you actually do something like that…? 😉 For me, it’s a matter of opening up fully to it. Let’s see where the journey takes us.