LUNAS AWAKENING. A spiritual soap opera.

Due to time constraints, this project is currently sleeping, but the ideas and knowledge learned so far are already flowing into other projects ...

Luna is not really satisfied with her life. Her home office job repeatedly challenges her patience and strength, after which she only knows the sofa and television. In the short animated episodes we see how she opens up to new things and develops step by step.
LUNAS AWAKENING is a new hobby project by the author Nils Klippstein, who accepted the challenge and only learned the basics of animation during the development of the first episode. Can this go well...?

Currently planned episodes:

  • Episode 1: Lunas old life
  • Episode 2: Luna learns Healer & Creator
  • Episode 3: Luna has bad dreams
  • Episode 4: Luna meditates
  • Episode 5: Luna falls in love
  • Episode 6: Lunas new life
If everything goes well, then it goes on ...

Luna's personal development of consciousness knows no bounds, and she learns something new in every episode. It is about energetic techniques and topics such as inner shadow work, mind hygiene, dealing with negative emotions, dream travel and exploring your multidimensional world.
The characters of LUNAS AWAKENING are created by a professional artist. Would you like to support the project with a small monthly donation? Become a patron!