(This project is currently asleep, mainly due to time constraints. Writing is faster, so first there will be a German book with the same title.)

LICHTWELTEN (light worlds) is the idea of a non-violent, cooperatively in the community created 2D animated film with the three stick figure characters Gaia, Sol and Luna.

The LICHTWELTEN are worlds full of flowers and magic and mystic…. And love. They are “safe”. Here, there is no morbidly exaggerated selfishness, no violence, no stealing, no hatred, no opposing.

In the LICHTWELTEN all living beings share and exchange with each other, learning new things together. A place full of joy, freedom, connection, honesty and creativity.

I can imagine such a place well. And you?

Dear animation artist,

and dear creative creators who are only now feeling as inspired as I am to discover animation as a new means of expression!

How could worlds look like that are so completely different from the Earth we know? What would be, if there were no opposing? Truly livable worlds, in which we would like to travel. Can you imagine such worlds in your imagination?

It is my heart’s desire to create such worlds as a 2D animated film. Not alone, but in the community, no matter how many there will be, whether 5 or 50.

Maybe such a film can serve as inspiration for us? What could we personally learn from such images?

It should be a film that we like to watch, because it conveys positive things to us. Maybe it makes us laugh. That’s good, in the process our body is flooded with happy hormones, which is very healthy.

Maybe this film also makes us feel. That’s good too, and is also supposed to be very healthy…. Maybe we all feel a little too little, are too much in our head, always with our mind?

This is also important in the LICHTWELTEN: accept and let go. There is so much magic there, so much mysticism, so many wonders….

In these worlds, there are no doors. Instead, the stick figure actors Gaia (green), Sol (ocher) and Luna (violet) touch a toadstool, and as in Star Trek the actors are beamed from one place to the next toadstool.

However, only the stick figures know this energetic-magical technique, not the other inhabitants of the LICHTWELTEN. And there are many of them! Everything lives here, the plants and flowers anyway. Everything has consciousness, everything can act freely within its own boundaries.

Can we create such worlds together on our digital canvas at home?

I’m happy to help, with inspiration, ideas and my own scenes.

More in my blog!

Moved greetings,

P.S. All contributors for the LICHTWELTEN can introduce themselves on the team page, with links to YouTube channel and/or art website.

Short infos:

  • Non-violent. Cooperative. A gift to the community. Free and available at no cost.
  • Release date: maybe 2022…?
  • Format: HD 1920 x 1080, 30 fps

Themes of the LICHTWELTEN

Basic needs. Security. Feeling cared for. Joy. Well-being. Creativity. Self-Worth. Independence. Courage. Love. Empathy. Connectedness. Truth. Honesty. Communication. Wisdom. Imagination. Intuition. Soul plan. Unity consciousness. Being.

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