#learning 2D animation


New hobby: flower background removal

With the official creation of the LICHTWELTEN (light worlds) project, I automatically gained a hobby… I am now a flower background remover. It’s really fun, very relaxing and calming, like doing a puzzle. […]

The animation storyboard

As already described, during a creative phase I had squeezed the first six episodes of LUNAS AWAKENING onto one sheet of paper each, in ultra-short form with small comic boxes. In addition, there […]

Why I chose Cartoon Animator 4

I already had a license for the professional animation software Moho. A few years ago I tried it out a bit. However, the continuation failed because of the motivation to first learn all […]

The long way until Luna learned to walk (1)

The right artist for my project LUNAS AWAKENING, a spiritual animated soap opera, was quickly found. At some point, the first sketches arrived with suggestions of what Luna’s face might look like. A […]