Do you believe in esoterics?

And that’s where we all have to pause for a moment, with a question like that. What does he mean now? Because the way this word has been denigrated, labelled, pushed away and […]

From Within

The Great Change happens from within. Let’s heal ourselves, a little more every day, then we heal our world with it. Let’s give back to Gaia, what we long for in our innermost […]


Intuition, our Inner Voice, connection to the heart self or the Higher Self… That voice is always there. She stands by our side. She reaches out to us. Our intuition wants to take […]


Timeless in the Here and Now, this Doesn’t-matter-what-time-it-is, und the Doesn’t-matter-what-day-it-is. Beautiful. Very beautiful. Timeless in the Here and Now, we glide in the Nowhere and Everywhere, sourrounded by a colorful color film, […]


One of the 21 themes of the LICHTWELTEN (light worlds) is safety. Because the world we create here together, first in our mind, then on our screens, is first of all a safe […]

First, it was the FloralWonderWorld…

The idea, the philosophy and the name FloralWonderWorld, which initially came to me for our cooperative animation project, the individual puzzle pieces all slowly came together step by step as if by themselves. […]

From Wonder Garden to a floral wonder world

Who else played with the Wonder Garden in kindergarten? In this board game from Herder-Verlag, the game group could only win together. My parents invented it at a time when I could not […]

New hobby: flower background removal

With the official creation of the LICHTWELTEN (light worlds) project, I automatically gained a hobby… I am now a flower background remover. It’s really fun, very relaxing and calming, like doing a puzzle. […]

Do stories always need an opponent?

This question, among many others, is what my new art projects LUNAS AWAKENING and LICHTWELTEN (light worlds) are about, two projects of the heart that belong together. In my own animated soap opera, […]

LICHTWELTEN: A cooperative 2D animated film

On the night of the new moon in January 2021, I had the igniting idea for my planned collaborative 2D animation project: A cooperative, animated world, full of flowers and life and magic, […]

Stick figures of earth, moon and sun

My cooperative stick figure challenge continues to evolve. After I got the trigger to read about androgyny in Wikipedia, it inspired me to try something new: three different types of stick figures. In […]

Vision of a non-violent cooperative animation film

I didn’t realize what a can of worms I was stirring up when I wrote an open letter to hundreds of 2D stick figure animators a few days ago. Fittingly, I then registered […]

“Doors 6” should become non-violent!

Dear “Doors 5” animation artists, you have done a great art, even in my eyes, which have only just been awakened for the first cautious steps on the 2D animation floor, but are […]