My first spiritual comics app

WE ARE for Android: Free download on the Play Store for Windows: Free download on itch.io Different perspectives – A highly explosive topic, especially in today’s times! Can we perceive other perspectives and […]

Free growth means responsibility

Many of us now perceive them, the gifts of the fifth dimension, in the form of telepathy, synchronicities or significantly faster materialisation of our own thoughts and emotions. But do we also perceive […]

Every moment a test of love

In Gaia’s multidimensional mirrors we recognise ourselves. In the background, the eternally vibrating question: love or not-love? Free of space and time, the universe asks us, sometimes whispering, sometimes poetic, sometimes loud and […]

Love – and non-love

Basically, creation in the universe knows only two directions. Everything that does not grow into more love moves in a separative, splitting and egocentric direction. There is always growth, no matter in which […]

Write down your personal vision of the future!

Please read Part 1 first: Are we visualising a new world together? I would now like to tell you about a metaphysical secret. If it still is one at all? Otherwise, please see […]

Are we visualising a new world together?

(First published on my blog at healer-and-creator.de). It is the year One. We can no longer go back to the old world. And I have to say, I don’t even want to. It […]


A dear friend of mine often has a different view of a situation than I do. Really unusually different. Sometimes I have to stop for a moment and feel what his perspective feels […]


We are creative when we sit in a square and imagine a circle. We are creative when our body is sick and we imagine health. We are creative when we open our hearts […]

Dear Gaia, (2)

Belief. It is always only belief that keeps people from their real possibilities for growth. Many limit themselves with their belief, they are quite rigid and immobile, of course without realising it. But […]


Connectedness is not just a nice feeling. There is also another side to the bond. This means: responsibility. Self-responsibility! Because for all that is happening out there, we all bear a personal responsibility. […]

Is God selfish?

After all, God only thinks of himself. He/She/It is, after all, All That Is. Being. Consciousness. We are consciousness. In the highest dimension we are one. There we only think about ourselves. Because […]

The integration of the “little we”

We are not only made up of body cells, but also of bacteria and other microorganisms. They are a part of us. We give them living space. They are predominantly good for us […]

Soul Plan

Like a captain we steer our boat across the Sea of Possibilities. Which waves we choose and at what angle, it changes the course of time. Let us choose our future wisely, we […]


No matter how deeply we go into the details of a matter and isolate our view of the world in the process, our own world view always seems “big” and full. We build […]

21 Life Values and 7 Chakras

The 21 life values I have chosen come from the characteristics or qualities assigned to the seven chakras of our subtle body. I intuitively chose which of the many qualities most clearly describes […]

Alcohol-free wellbeing

Which is worse, a life without sugar or a life without alcohol? 😉 So we think and perhaps find the question quite normal, not realising how we make our well-being dependent on substances […]

Sugar-free wellbeing

A life without sugar is unimaginable for most people. Constant renunciation, doesn’t that also constantly gnaw at one’s own limited available willpower? Since my sugar-addicted bacteria have almost completely disappeared from my intestines, […]


Real well-being is much more than a wellness weekend. Well-being lives in the blink of an eye, in the moment between the change of the second hand, in the Here and Now and […]


In the year One, it takes a lot of courage to stand by your innermost self. To grow in the direction that we can see only gradually. Like a flower tentatively venturing out […]

Dear Gaia, (1)

We earthlings have not believed in natural religions for a long time. That’s why you won’t get so much mail these days. We now have science, it has replaced the religions and we […]


Honesty with ourselves. Where do we really stand? What do we sometimes fool ourselves about, and to what extent might this even be useful for our progress and growth? Which perspectives of people […]

A school of life values?

I’ll just fantasise. May I? While writing my texts about life values, “quite by chance” I also see interesting posts, questions or comments about our values and value concepts in the so-called social […]