#Lunas Awakening


Do stories always need an opponent?

This question, among many others, is what my new art projects LUNAS AWAKENING and LICHTWELTEN (light worlds) are about, two projects of the heart that belong together. In my own animated soap opera, […]

The animation storyboard

As already described, during a creative phase I had squeezed the first six episodes of LUNAS AWAKENING onto one sheet of paper each, in ultra-short form with small comic boxes. In addition, there […]

The long way until Luna learned to walk (1)

The right artist for my project LUNAS AWAKENING, a spiritual animated soap opera, was quickly found. At some point, the first sketches arrived with suggestions of what Luna’s face might look like. A […]

LUNAS AWAKENING – My vision from 11/11/2020

This blog article first appeared on my Healer & Creator website. I am writing down the events of the last few days today on November 16, 2020 after I discovered these remarkable numbers […]